Brussels – The Hague 2010 – 2012
Roles: Web development and artistic research.

TodaysArt festival investigates and activates the social possibilities of art, sound and technology where it intersects with urban settings and public spaces, transforms the city’s infrastructure and creates temporary spaces to produce events in unusual settings, such as main squares, public buildings, museums, concert halls, clubs and theatres.

Among these are the city’s most well-known venues and cultural institutes, next to the often overlooked and undervalued public spaces, buildings and initiatives; places that become actively involved in shaping the character of the city.

The festival was founded in 2005 and now takes place in Brussels as well in its original location: The Hague. TodaysArt aims to combine a quality programme with low priced tickets, to make the festival an accessible gateway to art, music and technology.

R&D topics:
1. Online platform
Social networking strategies and campaigns
CRM Contacts and documents management tools
Editorial, internal publishing workflow
Architecture and structure/ Roles and responsibilities within organisation and network
Archiving concept

2.Initiating TodaysArt Brussels, by joining Cimatics festival, Brussels, Belgium into TodaysArt Platform.
Shared communication tools, web development, strategies and tactics.

3. Expanding brand internationally. Russian and Japanese editions.

ID & Publications