Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea, UK.
01 August – 23 November 2008
Roles: Project manager, camera work and video editing.

Documentary film project resulting collective exhibition.

“Repetition” documentary revolves around three artists based in Wales.
VJ K-os, a VJ and organiser of music events, based in mid Wales; Paul Granjon, based in Cardiff who specialises in the creation of robots and machines, and Jacob Whittaker, an installation artist based in Carmarthenshire who uses film, found objects and broken machines. Through their conversations and the editing process connections emerge and we are encouraged to consider these engaging contemporary portraits of three artists.

The exhibition featured works by each of the artists in the film.

Quest has been commissioned by Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, The Arts Council of Wales, Walestonia Festival & Centre for Contemporary Arts, Estonia

Press release
Minna Hint and Maxim Surin are emerging Estonian artists who use a
documentary style approach to create engaging film works which immerse us in the lives, obsessions and concerns of their central characters.

Through these films there are also questions raised about the way we live our lives in contemporary society, as often the protagonists in these works have chosen alternative lifestyles or occupations and therefore question the dominant values of our world.

The resulting films reveal a great deal about our contemporary
condition and our own attitudes to what life is really all about. Hint and Surin create portraits of people from different social backgrounds with often alternative outlooks which attempt to convey these values and perceptions.

Collaboration between artists: Jacob Whittaker, Paul Granjon, VJ K-os, Maria Arusoo, Merike Estna, Minna Hint and Maxim Surin.

Quest exhibition

Quest Paul Granjon

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