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Digital publishing workshops and production of artist archives for Acción!MADPAErscheQSS Studios and GalleryChristoff GillenMarita Bullmann.
All archives utilising open-source digital publishing platform WordPress.

Performance art documentation for Bbeyond Belfast and BIFPA festival.

Artist archives 2014 - 2016

Spanish performance art organisation in Madrid.

QSS Studios and Gallery
Ireland’s oldest artist-run studios and gallery in Belfast.

German performance art network with base in Cologne.
Network events: Interval in Essen, Brise in Flensburg, Austria Colonia in Bonn, Germany and Actus in Brussels, Belgium.

Brendan O’Neill – in progress
Visual artist based Belfast, head of QSS Studios and Gallery.

Marita Bullmann
German photographer and performance artist,
organiser of Interval festival platform for international performance artists in Essen, Germany.

Christoff Gillen
Irish performance artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Member of the performance art collective Bbeyond.

Projects curated by Niamh McDonnel.
Diagrams is a cross border collaborative project that involves the participation of artists, film makers, architects, new media designers and visual cultures theorists.

Bel-Esse Exchange 2014

Bel-Esse is the reciprocal aspect of an Exchange between Bbeyond based in Belfast and PAErsche in Essen, Cologne and Brussels from 25th Sept to 2nd Oct.
Seven artists from PAErsche visited Belfast, Lisburn and Derry/Londonderry to make performances alongside seven Bbeyond members.
Exchanges with other artist run organisations expand our knowledge and understanding of the contextualisation of performance art particularly in this case.

PAErsche artists: Marita Bullmann, Evamaria Schaller, Beatrice Didier, Alice De Visscher, Surya Tüchler, Enric Fort Ballester and Frank Homeyer
Bbeyond artists: Hugh O’Donnell, Anne Quail, Leo Devlin, Tonya McMullen, Caroline Gallagher, Jayne Cherry, Keike Twisslemann
Le Tas Invisible artists: Jean Michel René, Marie-Claude Gendron and Steven Girard
Other visiting artists: Guy Sioui Durand and Jadwiga Kiciak

25 – 26 October 2014. Echo Echo Dance Theatre, Derry, Northern Ireland
Life to leaves – Beatrice Didier
Heavy Eggs – Marita Bullmann
Evamaria Schaller and Alice De Visscher
Bel-Esse 2014 Open session II
After the Big Bang experiment – Keike Twisselmann
Drawn breath – Anne Quail
Jayne Cherry
Shared space – Enric Fort Ballester
Caroline Murphy
Father and my left ear II – Frank Homeyer
SpieluhrHörgeräteMund  – Surya Tüchler
Steven Girard
Marie-Claude Gendron

21 – 22 October 2014. R-Space Gallery, Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Bel-Esse 2014 Open session I
Foam from a thousand beers – Marita Bullmann
Evamaria Schaller
HaarMundMaske – Surya Tüchler
Father and my left ear I – Frank Homeyer
Weapon of Poetry – Beatrice Didier
Alice De Visscher
AEIOU – Enric Fort Ballester

Featured playlist credits

Belfast performance art events 2014 -2016 playlist:

Bbeyond monthly events

Personal rituals of/ for postmodern times II
Final presentation of laboratory for performance art with Alastair MacLennan and Elvira Santamaria.
Ulster Museum, Belfast. January 24, 2015

Personal rituals of/ for postmodern times I
Presentation of laboratory for performance art with Alastair MacLennan and Elvira Santamaria.
Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. June 20, 2014
Participated artists:
Christoff Gillen, James King, Caroline Murphy, Jane Cherry, Frances Mezzetti, Jagoda Kiciak, Katrina Sheena Smyth, Hillary Gilligan, Rhiannon Armstrong, Sara Riseborough, Rickey James, Brian Patterson

Holding Time IV at Conlig Lead Mines
15 November 2014. Newtownards, Northern Ireland

Holding Time III Stormont
23 May 2014. In a first of its kind anywhere in the UK and Ireland, internationally renowned Belfast based performance art collective Bbeyond performed in the Great Hall of Stormont.
As the counting begins for both local elections and European Parliamentary elections, a group of twenty artists gathered in the heart of the political decision making in Northern Ireland to create a live art action called Holding Time III.

This work, intentionally reflective in substance, marries issues of dignity and empathy with intense meditative action, intended to resonate with questions of responsibility, cooperation and care.
With Alastair MacLennan, Christoff Gillen, Sandra Breathnach, Hugh O’Donnell, Brian Patterson, Elvira Santamaría Torres, Midori Mitamura, Karine Talec, Paul King Artist, James King, Caroline Murphy, Brian Connolly, Jennifer Hanley, Jayne Cherry, Aaron Woolard, Hilary Gilligan, Siobhan Mullen Wolfe-Murphy, Marilyn Arsem, Tony Hill and others.