Kadriorg Studio

Tallinn – London, United Kingdom 2005 – 2009.
Roles: Project manager and video editor.

Kadriorg studio produced international exhibitions, educational projects and audiovisual works.
Founded by Merike Estna, Maxim Surin and Arnold Praust in 2005, Tallinn, Estonia.
Top image: still from Flight002 documentary.



Quest 2008
Documentary project and collective exhibition at Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea, Wales.
Collaboration between Estonian and Wales based artists: Jacob Whittaker, Paul Granjon, VJ K-os, Maria Arusoo, Merike Estna, Minna Hint and Maxim Surin.
Commissioned by Glynn Vivian Art Gallery to celebrate 60 years of the Swansea Festival of Music and the Arts with support from the Arts Council of Wales, Walestonia Festival & Centre for Contemporary Arts, Estonia, the City and County of Swansea. Read more

Tartu.mov 2008
Pedagogical documentary project at Tartu Art University, Estonia, in collaboration with Kanema documentary association, Barcelona, Spain.
Participated artists: Joanot Cortes Fabregas, Pillar Monsell Prado, Maxim Surin, Minna Hint, Mari Jänes, EretKuusk, Sten Eltermaa, Mari-Leen Küpli, Filipp Solovjov, Lilli Tölp, Mari Liis Roots, Liina Soosar, Roland Seer, Tiit Joala.
Screenings of emerging Spanish documentary makers at KUMU,  Art Museum of  Estonia and Ateena Cutural Centre in Tartu.
Supported by Espana Cooperacion Cultural Exterior, Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores i de Cooperacion, Spanish Embassy in Tallinn, Tartu Art University and KUMU, Art Museum of  Estonia. Read more

Young Spanish Painters 2006 – 2007. Exhibitions series at Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn.
Supported by Espana Cooperacion Cultural Exterior, Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores i de Cooperacion, Spanish Embassy in Tallinn, Estonian Concert Agency, Arco Transport Group. Read more

Empty Spaces and their Occupants 2006. Estonian exposition and performances at VI International Performance and Experimental Art Festival, Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Supported by Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia. Read more

Audiovisual works


Repetition -collective documentary with Paul Granjon, VJ K-os, Jacob Whittaker and Minna Hint. Read more


Tartu.doc – collective documentary. II Prize at Julius Film Festival, Spain 2008 Read more


Fiction documentary – video, directed by Merike Estna


Dancemarathon Director Maxim Surin, choreographer Mai Murdmaa, sound Rainer Jancis and Narva Symphonic Orchestra. Watch on request.



Los Gorrijones Director Jorge Piquer Rodrigez


Pigeons du Sable Director Maxim Surin. Watch on request.



Crazy naked woman who dared to be honest – video, directed by Merike Estna. Trailer


Dentro o fuera (Inside or Outside) – documentary directed by Minna Hint and Maxim Surin

Grand Prix for the best Estonian audiovisual art work at XIII Parnu International Film and Video Festival, Estonia
Dentro o Fuera looks at applying a romantic worldview to a neo-liberal globally capitalist world. The main characters in the film experience a flâneur-like ‘poverty’ in a very unorthodox way…Being lazy, being happy, being yourself whilst making people smile is one of the best feelings that exists…


God´s Zoo is Diverse aka War and Peace Director Merike Estna. Watch on request.



Shkatulka – video for interactive object. Collaboration between Maxim Surin and Merike Estna

Shkatulka Draakoni gallery


Flight 002 – documentary directed by Maxim Surin, sound Martin Pedanik


3 Images of Life and Time – documentary directed by Minna Hint, , co-director Maxim Surin. Film in collection of Tartu Art Museum, Estonia. Watch on request.


Documentary takes a look into three rather different lives in a  small industrial town called Kingston upon Hull in the UK. Each of these three people has its own relation to time and therefore also to their lives. The first tries to speed up maximally the passage of time in order to live life the least time possible.
The second, author herself, is trying to prolong maximally her time or postpone the moment of facing it, equaling time and money.
The third character tries to live in the maximum possible synchronization with time. He simply quits his personal life in order to discover a higher sense of life through the materiality of time.


It can be dangerous to want to know why Director Merike Estna. Watch on request.