Export live audiovisual series

2002 – 2004
In collaboration with Jevgeni Berezovski.
Project manager, performer

Cross-platform event series exploring Estonian experimental audiovisual culture.
Living lab, audiovisual performances, exhibitions, lectures, screenings and happenings.

Venues: VonKrahli Theatre, Kanuti Gildi Hall, Culture Club Tempel, Tallinn; Dam Tan Gallery, Tartu; Offline-Online video art festival, Parnu, Baltoscandal International Performance festival, Rakvere, Estonia.

Artists involved: Ahto Kulvet, Kiwa, A nagu Alfa, P0rt/ Jevgeni Berezovski, Antti Mass, Raul Keller, Tuukka Kaila, American girl, Kristjan Tamoshjunas, VJ Bob, Relektro, Lila, Paul Rodgers, Martin Pedanik, Karel Kurisma, Roman Sushkov, Roberto Paci Dalo, Maxim Surin, Jaromil, Hanno Soans, Dzuma, DJ Hill, text group Orbita, Kart Ojavee, Jasper Zoova and others.

“…In regard to multimedia environments, one has to point out the grouping, or the bunch of friends, Export, which constructs-improvises environments designed for all senses. Part of the improvisation is an ambient-like fideo image, which finds its meanings in music and sometimes on the plateaux of odours, and is performed synchronously. The experience, which is unique to each live performance, is created by crossing experimental techno with analog equipment, methodically processing video images and acoustic banks into new wave. United disciplines, or the new wave with a multisensory effect, are permanently in a test tube state, and the exporters, led by Max Surin, Kiwa, p0rt and A nagu Alfa, are gardeners of electronic experiments. Fideo image, which is constantly mixed and remixed, is an autonomously functioning unit, a visualisation of sound, and source of light.”

From Rael Artel article Fideolovers, be watchful! Estonian Art magazine 01.2002