Cimatics Agency

Brussels, Belgium 2010-2011
Roles: Project manager, artistic research, web development and production.

Agency activities archive and development of online platform for MyCityLab project.
Production for Ryoichi Kurokawa performances and installations:
“One of a thousand ways to defeat entropy at 54th Venice Biennale, Arsenale Novissimo, Venice 2011;
“Try the Impossible” by RomaEuropa festival, Rome 2011 and others

Cimatics Agency recognized around the world for the direction, production, commissioning and distribution of pioneering audiovisual artworks, performances and installations by world-acclaimed artists such as Ryoichi Kurokawa, Quayola, Telcosystems, Max Hattler, Boris & Brecht Debackere, Arne Deforce, Yutaka Oya and Visual Kitchen.

Since 2003 Cimatics Agency organised annual audio-visual festivals, focused on experimental audiovisual performances, audiovisual art, media art and the broader, more popular digital culture.
Festival platform focusing on the production of new audiovisual performances and installations, holding educational workshops and creating publications as well as initiating a great number of multidisciplinary events.

Agency activities are tour management and bookings for audiovisual, educational workshops, film screenings, conferences, exhibitions and professional meetings.

Installation at Arsenale Novissimo, Venice

Agency production examples