Argos Centre for Arts and Media

Argos Centre for Arts and Media is a presentation and discursive platform for exhibitions, a public media library, film and video screenings, lectures, performances and the international distribution of films, video’s and multimedia installations

Argos Platform research project overall outlines:
1. Platform as harvesting instrument for network archiving. Digital content publishing tools
2. Network navigation, mapping tools and content filtering.  Artists archives
3. Archival instruments. Open source, CC and copyright
4. Participation and dissemination schemes
5. Reproducible models
6. Content annotation

Roles: Marketing analysis of organisation;
Digital presentation of video and print collections and centre activities;
Research on digital media, online communication and collections tools;
Managing EU Digitalization project DCA “Digital libraries” – Enhancing access to media art content aggregated for Europeana.

Brussels, Belgium 2009 – 2010.

Projects developed during Platform research:
1. Collaboration with EYE Dutch Film Institute, Amsterdam
Projects Instant Cinema and The Scene Machine, sharing collections. Planned presentation at FARO Conference on November 2010.
2. Brussels Art School Association / BRAINS /, Brussels
Proposal for new association to share Argos Collections within one platform using Kaltura video publishing services.
Collaboration is open for schools, teachers, lecturers and researchers.
3. Artists – teachers panel
4. Argos research site
Held educational and learning resources for researchers, universities and general audiences. Place for art critics and researchers to publish their research works online.
5. DCA “Digital Libraries”
Enhancing access to media art content aggregated for Europeana, supported by European Commission.


ARGOS Centre for Art and Media © Dirk Provost
ARGOS Centre for Art and Media © Dirk Provost
ARGOS Centre for Art and Media
Ana Torfs
Tobias Putrih
Op de Beeck Le Grand Café