Editorial aspect

Background research for Argos Centre for Arts and Media. Maxim Surin 2009–2010.
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Decision making


Publishing outlines:

1. Architecture and structure. Priorities. Workflows.

2. Permanent locations for files on servers, permalinks.

Images, texts, videos.

3. Publishing – Archiving.  / MySQL, PosgreSQL, … /

Types of electronic publications captured by archival repository.

4. Definition of records which constitute permanent publication worthy of long-term preservation.

5. Roles and responsibilities within organisation and network.

Decision tree.

6. Naming conventions.

Metadata needs to be kept. Unique identifiers

7. Internal publishing workflow.

Status of electronic publications within organisation and broad definitions of what they constitute.

8. Integration of commonly used online tools. (example – Google calendar, Mailchimp etc)

9.  Collection/ archive description. Plan.

Priorities for collection/ archive to be researched and published.

10. Contacts and documents management tools.

11. Online video publishing and management tools.

12. Mapping tools for batching existing databases.





Example of prototype scheme for content placement.

Architecture and structure. Draft for Argos Centre  for Art and Media. Maxim Surin 2010.

Subject/ Topic – related navigation.

Functionality is more important than design.

Changeable/ movable/ extendibility/ customization of components



Collections website prototype


_____ Static Content

_____ Dynamic Content

Maxim Surin 2010.