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Background research for Argos Centre for Arts and Media. Maxim Surin 2009–2010.
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Marketing analysis

  • Introduction. History – Present
  • Call to action. External Analysis
  • SWOT. Key topics for Public activities, distribution, archive and production.
  • Conclusion. Internet and interface. Next steps. PEST
  • Mission. Argos mission. Implied objectives. Articulation of the mission
  • Vision.
  • Strategy. Framework. Practical signs of success. Strategy versus tactics. Collaborator and co-production appraisal. Model.
  • Plan. Transition timeline. Set of planning outlines for technological/ editorial aspects of Argos Centre and online Platform. Communication plan
  • Process. Proposal for Universities. Reports

Digital media and communication

  • Index
  • Principal issues. With…> Closed in, open out> It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you> Two-way channel> Room for your audiences and supporters
  • Networking. Network experts not expert networks> Networking ( Practical guide)
  • Audience. Tasks> Make the chain
  • Strategy. Personalization> Contact strategies> Distribution strategy
  • Stakeholders. Top 6 indicators> Tasks.
  • e – marketing
  • Visibility

Current trends and approaches

  • Media Literacy
  • Digital shift> 3 largest uses of the internet.
  • i2010 Strategy
  • Europe’s Digital Competitiveness Report> Viviane Reding speech on EU’s priorities in the digital area for the coming years
  • Taking part in the arts

Educational aspect

Living Archive

  • Born – digital
  • Introduction
  • Archive 2020
  • Strategies
  • Approaches
  • Procedures
  • Eco system
  • Related

The platform

Presentation of Platform main concepts.

  • e – culture
  • Archiving online
  • Structure
  • Context?
  • Observing the field
  • Democracy
  • Communication

Editorial aspect

  • Decision making
  • Publishing outlines
  • Basic functionalities
  • Site prototype
  • Collections site prototype
  • Editorial workflow


  • Folding applications
  • Interface prototype
  • Printed media
  • Links resolver

Technical Issues

  • v 3.0
  • v 2.0
  • v 1.0
  • SQL databases
  • Formats
  • Reference formats
  • Players & displays
  • Cables
  • Audio


  • e-culture
  • Archiving/ Preservation
  • Art Schools and Labs. Belgium
  • Technology/ ICT Schools. Belgium
  • Innovation
  • Screens and Spaces. Belgium
Platform map


Gateway to all Argos online and offline activities website

  • Open Archive #2 event informational subsite
  • Argos Public activities subsite
  • Argos Distribution subsite
  • Argos Collections subsite
  • Argos Research subsite
  • Maxim Surin research project subsite
  • Sven Goyvaerts research project subsite
Developed projects

Projects developed during Platform research / November 2009 – August 2010 /

1. Collaboration with EYE Dutch Film Institute, Amsterdam
Projects Instant Cinema and The Scene Machine, sharing collections. Planned presentation at FARO on November 2010.

2. Brussels Art School Association / BRAINS /, Brussels
Proposal for new association to share Argos Collections within one platform using Kaltura video publishing services.
Collaboration is open for Schools, teachers, lecturers and researchers.

3. Minutes Lumiere Brussels
Open participative online pedagogical documentary network.
Providing research on new directions in visual anthropology and cross-cultural media making.

4. Artists – teachers panel

5. Argos Research site
Holds educational and learning resources for researchers, universities and general audiences. Give a way to art critics and researchers to publish their research works online.

6. DCA “Digital Libraries”
Enhancing access to media art content aggregated for Europeana. European Commission.

Used publications

Used publications and sources:
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Results of the public survey. Argos Exposition “No Place – like Home. Perspectives on migration in Europe” 12.04.2008 – 21.06.2008 by Inge Everaert
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Mission – Model -Money worksheets:
Toolkit 1. download zip
Your organisation’s mission and implied marketing objectives
Building a marketing audit and review
Building a PEST assessment and reflecting on its marketing implications
Compiling a strategic competitor and collaborator group map and appraisal
Building an audit of potential market segments
Creating and summarising a SWOT analysis
Planning reviews and revisions to your strategic marketing plan
TOWS analysis and strategy set record Using graphic tools to map out your strategy sets
Assessing and planning for your organisation’s branding and positioning
Planning to take a strategic approach to marketing mix issues
Planning to sell the plan
Planning for the plan’s evaluation

Toolkit 2. download zip
Understanding business model
Facing the reality of undertaking activities
Adding or removing activities
Knowing our free ‘on balance sheet’ reserves
Are we really maximising your income and giving ourselves a chance to build reserves? Income Spectrum tool MMM’s ten questions to ask yourself for

Fund-raising toolkit download zip
Five Steps to Arts Sponsorship
Making a formal partnership agreement / including samples /
Return on Investment
Trusts and Foundations – an introduction
Why do businesses sponsor the arts?